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Eclipse Images from Around the World

A montage of the May 20, 2012 annular eclipse as seen near Ikebukuro in Tokyo, Japan between 7:08 to 7:38 a.m. local time. Credit: Kim Nilsson
What a view! Here are some awesome eclipse images and videos from around the globe as skywatchers in Asia, the northern Pacific region and western North America experienced the annular eclipse on May 20/21, 2012. Above is a stunning combination of shots from various stages of the eclipse in Tokyo, Japan from Kim Nilsson.
For many of the images, click on them for the original source or for more info/larger sizes. We’ll be adding more images as they come in. If you want to have us add yours to this gallery, post your image to our Flickr group, or send us your images by email.

Thanks also to everyone who joined in on the Virtual Star Party with Phil Plait, Fraser, Jason, Pamela Gay, and Nicole Gugliucci, along with a live telescope feed from Scott Lewis in Los Angeles. If you want to watch a replay, the video is embedded below.
May 20 2012 Solar Eclipse near Sunset Beach / Huntington Beach, CA - timelapse / composition of "phases" of the eclipse during the approximate 2 hour duration. Credit: jimnista on Flickr.
A 'ring of fire' as seen in Arizona, USA. Credit: Robert Sparks (a.k.a. hale_bopp37 on Flickr)
Screenshot from the live webcast from SLOOH Space Camera.
The SLOOH telescope had a live feed and here’s a screenshot of the ‘ring of fire’ from their webcast.
Eclipse picture from hotel room in Tokyo, Japan taken with iPhone! Credit: Lee Skelton.
This stunningly beautiful images from HadleyRille on YouTube shows how a tree a yard casts eclipse-shaped pinhole projections onto the front of a house:
Eclipse in Dallas, Texas USA from our very own Jason Major.
Tree leaves acting as pinhole cameras projecting tiny eclipse images on the ground at Mt. Lemmon, near Tucson, Arizona USA. Credit: Sifted Reality on Flickr.
'I'm sorry to inform you that Earth is about to be been eaten by a fire demon,' wrote photographer Ben Brockert on Twitter. Ben is an engineer at Armadillo Aerospace.
This video is a compilation of images from Patrick Cullis:
Eclipse image taken through radiography film. Credit: Stefan Bartali.
Eclipse through the clouds in Manhattan Beach, California, USA. Credit:
Eclipse over wheat, at sunset in South Dakota, USA. Credit: Randy Halverson/Dakotalapse.
Annular eclipse on May 20, 2012 as seen in southwest Missouri, USA. Credit: Josh Martin.
An eclipsed Sun in a blaze of glory, as seen in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Credit: Abe Megahed
A hazy eclipse as seen in Manteno, Illinois, USA. Credit: Gerald Meegan.
A series of images taken near Stockton, California, USA, between 16:34 PST, and 19:36 PST. 'I had to move a couple of times to keep it in view and by the time I got to the last picture, it was falling behind trees,' said photographer Jon Ballard.
May 20, 2012 annular eclipse taken in Huntington Beach, CA at 6:09 PM. Smart phone picture using a Galileoscope shining on a piece of white paper. Credit: yzzzguy on Flickr.
Sunspots show up on the eclipsed Sun. Credit: darethehair on Flickr, from Morden, Manitoba, Canada.
Eclipse photo by Bill Dunford (of in Utah
A cloudy, blue eclipse as seen in Taipei, May 21, 2012 about 06:20 AM. Credit: sawunggaling on Flickr.
This photo was taken near the Texas-New Mexico border, west of Lubbock, TX. This is near the eclipse maximum, partially obscured by clouds. Credit: Erin Shaw
Here’s a video of a setting eclipse over the Very Large Array in New Mexico (Credit: J. Stoke/J. Hellerman, NRAO/AUI/NSF)

Source:  Universe Today

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