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Outer Space – Mind Blowing Video from Jupiter and Saturn

Video Caption: This mesmerizing video unveils incredibly amazing sequences around Jupiter and Saturn from NASA’s Cassini and Voyager missions set to stirring music by “The Cinematic Orchestra -That Home (Instrumental)”. Credit: Sander van den Berg
Don’t hesitate 1 moment ! Look and listen to this mind blowing video of the Jupiter and Saturnian systems.

If you love the wonders of the hitherto unknown Universe unveiled before your eyes – and long to explore – feast your eyes on this short new video right now titled simply; “Outer Space”.
You’ll need to watch it several times in succession to catch all the revelations.
The video was created by Sander van den Berg using all original, raw footage from the image archives of NASA’s Cassini and Voyager missions. In less than two minutes it shows a tour de force of many of the most amazing and unexpected discoveries from the two largest planets in our Solar System.
Sander has stitched together astonishing image sequences from Jupiter and Saturn, their rings and moons in a way we have not seen before. He brings the swirling planetary storms to life, journey’s about the rings and fleeting moons and dramatizes the explosions spewing from mysterious Enceledus – that potential moon of life laden with water, salts and organic molecules.
See a moonlet dive like a dolphin, slithering through Saturn’s rings.
Sander has created an experience that exemplifies why we explore beyond our shores to places unimaginable until NASA’s probes plied by. He is a freelance editor and aspiring video director from the Netherlands.
And one day, when we triumph over the “Do Nothing” & “Can’t Do” nay saying crowd, a future generation NASA Space Shuttle will journey beyond Earth and Humans will at last set sight on these wondrous miracles of Nature !
Enjoy !
Source:  Universe Today

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