sábado, 19 de noviembre de 2011

Palaeontology - Prehistoric whales exposed in Chilean fossil bed

Scientists from Chile and the Smithsonian Institution have been working to protect a huge collection of whale fossils found in the Atacama desert. 

The whales are ancient relatives of the whales of today [Credit: Reuters]

Those involved in the project say about 80 whales have been preserved in sedimentary rock, and that many of the fossils are completely preserved, including a family group that appears to be a mother, father and baby whale. 

The area outside the town of Bahia Inglesa has long been called "Whale Hill" by locals, and was about to be paved over in a coastal highway expansion until paleontologist Mario Suarez persuaded his government to recover the bones first. 

The government now plans to build a new museum to house what appears to be an amazing collection. 

Source: The Archaeology News Network

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