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Palaeontology - A new study of dinosaur footprints underway

Palaeontologists from Canada and the United States have arrived in Broome to start a fresh examination of dinosaur footprints close to the site of the Kimberley gas hub. 

Palaeontologist Richard McCrea and a colleague measures dinosaur footprints at James Price Point [Credit: Erin Parke/ABC]

The State Government's original assessment of the prints found they were not of museum-grade quality. 

Following an outcry from locals and palaeontologists, the Environmental Protection Authority ordered a further study. 

Canadian Richard McCrea is one of the experts brought in to conduct the two-week study. 

He says he is not phased by the controversy surrounding the project. 

"My job is simple; it's do do an objective survey of the dinosaur trackways, like a scientific assessment and so the controversy to me, from a scientific point of view, does not bear into this at all," he said. 

Richard McCrea says there is limited time to do the study. 

"There's quite a constriction, we'll see if we actually have enough time to do the job we've been asked to do," he said. 

The dinosaur footprints may have to be removed to a museum or covered up to allow the gas project to proceed.  

 ABC News Website

Source: The Archaeology News Network

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