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Palaeontology - Oldest Dinosaur footprints found in Korea

Korea's oldest dinosaur fossils have been found in Yeongdong County, North Chungcheong Province. 

Earth science professor Kim Jeong-ryul , who has been researching the area since last May, said on Monday, that his team has discovered dinosaur fossil footprints, that are between 130 to 140-million years old, which means they are from the cretaceous period, also known as the "chalk period." 

These newly-discovered fossils are 10 to 20 million years older than the ones found in South Gyeongsang Province in 2006. 

Around a hundred fossilized footprints were found in Yeongdong County, and they include fossils with visible tail tracks that are rarely found anywhere in the world. 

The fossil footprints of the meat-eating dinosaurs are about 23 centimeters long and 16 centimeters wide,. while those of their herbivore counterparts are almost three times larger. 

The earth's oldest fossilized footprints of birds with webbed feet, that are between 120 and 130-million-years old, as well as plant fossils were also discovered by professor Kim's team. 

Based on the discoveries, Yeongdong County says it is planning to designate the fossils as natural monuments and construct a natural history museum. 

Source: Arirang 

The Archaeology News Network

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